Who can purchase a parking permit at CVHS?
Due to our current student enrollment, only junior and senior students will have the opportunity to purchase a CVHS parking permit for the 2021-2022 school year.

How can I register and purchase a parking permit?
A link to the online registration form can be found in an email sent in July or on the Parking Website. Students and parents need to complete this application in order to be eligible to purchase a parking permit. During the first two weeks of school students who have completed the online application and qualify for a parking permit will be allowed to purchase one. Seniors can begin purchase on August 13th. Juniors and Seniors are able to purchase beginning August 20th.

What does the application process include?
The application process includes providing basic student information, vehicle(s) information, and electronic signatures that verify accurate information as well as asks the student to acknowledge parking information/rules and parents to grant consent for their student. Once a student has completed the online application form he/she needs to ensure that they have an active driver's license and that all previous CVHS fees are paid in full.

What must I provide to purchase up my parking permit?
To purchase a permit, students will need to show the CV Bookkeeper an active/valid driver's license, and provide the $50 payment for the permit.

Are there any other stipulations for picking up my permit?
Students must have all outstanding fees/fines in their Infinite Campus account paid in full prior to receiving a parking permit. If there are any outstanding fees/fines, you will NOT be given a parking permit.

What should I do if I do not have my license but will get it during the school year?
To accommodate as many drivers as possible and alleviate as many cars parking in the surrounding neighborhoods as possible students CANNOT purchase a permit unless they have obtained their driver's license. Once they have their license they need to complete the online application and ensure all CVHS fees are paid in full. Students will then be placed on the parking permit waiting list and as permits become available they will be informed and given the opportunity to purchase one.

I'm a Sophomore, can I park at Castle View?
Sophomore students will NOT be allowed to purchase a parking permit at anytime during the 2018-2019 school year due to limited spaces and the current student enrollment at Castle View High School. Sophomore students that park on campus will earn a monetary fine that will be assessed with in IC and may potentially result in the student receiving a referral, loss of parking privileges in future years and/or other school consequence.

When will the school begin monitoring the parking lots for permits?
Students must have a valid CVHS parking permit displayed in their vehicle, by Monday, August 27th. Any vehicle that is parked on campus after Aug. 27th without a valid parking permit displayed will be issued a parking violation. NO warning tickets will be issued. Any parking violation will result in a monetary fine, possible disciplinary action, or suspension/loss of parking permit for the remainder of the school year/future years at the discretion of the CVHS Administration with no refund.

Can I give or sell my parking pass to a friend or other student?
No, parking permits are not transferable to other students. If this occurs, the permit will be confiscated, with no refund, and cannot be used by either party and could result in a monetary fine, possible disciplinary action, or suspension/loss of parking permit for the remainder of the school year/future years at the discretion of the CVHS Administration.

What happens if I allow another student to duplicate my permit?
The actual permit and false permit will be confiscated and any students involved will not be allowed to acquire a parking permit for 1 calendar year. This action could also result in a monetary fine, possible disciplinary action, or suspension/loss of parking permit for future years at the discretion of the CVHS Administration.

Can I park in the neighborhood or surrounding community?
We do not recommend that students parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. We cannot ensure the safety of the student or their property if they choose to do so. Any student choosing to park in surrounding neighborhoods are responsible for their own property and subject to ticketing from CRPD. Castle Rock has provided public parking spaces on Sabercat Way and Butterfield Crossing Drive that students may take advantage of.
If you have any additional questions regarding parking at Castle View High School please contact Dean of Students Jordan Ivey at [email protected]