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The new and improved online ACC Concurrent Enrollment CE form is ready to go! (


  • Students can fill out one CE agreement form for the entire year, if the student knows their Fall and Spring CE course(s).
  • The CE agreement form has been updated to include course offerings in the Fall and Spring semesters, by high school. If a student knows which CE course(s) they would like to take in the Fall and Spring, they can complete and submit one form. If a student only knows their Fall CE course(s), they can fill out the CE form again for Spring, by the Spring deadline (TBD).
  • Students taking CE courses at their high school and at an ACC campus/online at the same time can fill out and submit one form.
  • If you or your students come across an issue with the functioning of the form, please contact [email protected] asap. (If possible, it is preferred that a screenshot of the error is sent.)

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“Note: students who withdraw from ACC still take the CVHS class for high school credit and still need to attend class.”

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