Parking Information

Parking Lot, Parking Permit, Student Pick-up and Drop-off Changes during hybrid learning

As we prepare to return to in-person education there will be a number of systems that will be temporarily adjusted in an effort to ensure the safety of all students and staff. During this school year, there will also be substantial construction taking place on campus as we add a new pod to the front of the building. Due to the new health protocols, anticipated construction traffic, and in an attempt to create the safest environment for our students and staff, we are moving all student parking and STUDENT PICK-UP/DROP-OFF to the student lot (the large back lot). The front lot will house staff parking only and will only be used for district bus pick-up and drop-off. Traffic flow maps for student pick-up and drop-off can be found on the website.

To alleviate some of the stress caused by new transportation restrictions and to help our families during a time of heightened stress we are allowing all licensed and insured drivers, regardless of grade, to park in the student lot, free of charge, once they have completed the registration link and have been approved by Security. Any students who would like a “Temporary Hybrid Parking Permit” must complete the Hybrid Registration Process. Students will not be allowed to park on campus until they have completed this process

Hybrid Registration Process

In order to maintain the safety of our campus students must complete the following steps:

1. Complete the Hybrid Registration link. Available on the website starting 8/17/20.

2. Two school days after completion of the registration link students need to present their valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to Security, at the Security Office. (ex: If you complete the registration link on Monday you may present your license and proof of insurance on Wednesday)

3. Security will assign them a numbered parking permit and deliver it to them during an Advisement period.

Once we return to a regular schedule (100% attendance, 5 days-a-week) we will return to our normal parking system (and fees) and student pick-up and drop-off traffic routes. Communication will be sent out at that time to indicate the shift in procedures.

Students may begin presenting their driver’s license and proof of insurance to Security the week of August 24th. Security will begin delivering permits the week of August 31st.

***Parking without a permit will be allowed until Labor Day.