Health Pathway

Healthcare continues to be one of the largest leading professions in the country. ACC's Health Pathway can help you obtain a degree within the medical field or advance your experience through a wide array of certifications. We offer several learning tracks, taught by industry experts, to prepare you for a healthcare career.

Health & Exercise Science - This ACC associate of science degree is designed for students to seamlessly transfer to Colorado State University's state-of-the-art facilities to complete their Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Health and Exercise Science

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) - PTAs are healthcare providers working under the direction of a Physical Therapist and involved in the treatment of individuals with muscular, skeletal, cardiopulmonary and nervous system disorders.

Nurse Aide Program - Prepares students for employment as a nurse aide in hospital, home-care, skilled care and hospice facilities.

Do you like…

  • Diagnosing health problems
  • Responding quickly and calmly in emergencies
  • Following guidelines and being accurate
  • Making informed and logical decisions
  • Using scientific rules/methods to solve problems

Do you want to be a(n)…

  • Registered Nurse
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Doctor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Nurse Aide

Castle View - AA Psychology

Castle View - AGS Nursing Pre-Major

Castle View - AGS Physical Therapy Assistant Pre-Major

Castle View - Nurse Aide Certificate

Degrees offered at the ACC Sturm Collaboration Campus that align with these careers:

If you are interest in health care but have not narrowed down to a specific field of study, ACC and Centura Health are offering an allied health/ medical support pre-apprenticeship program to help high school students learn about opportunities in healthcare and how to get started. The pre-apprenticeship program includes concurrent enrollment in HPR 123 Introduction to Healthcare (2 credits).  Click here for more information.

Profession Annual Median Wages (2019) Projected Annual Job Openings
Athletic Trainer $54,080 40
Fitness Trainer/Exercise Physiology $50,650 2,230
Licensed Practical Nurse $53,180 540
Registered Nurse $76,230 4,330
Physical Therapist Assistant $53,770 250
Physical Therapist $86,740 420
Nurse Aide $33,980 2,990