Concurrent Enrollment

In the Douglas County School District
DCSD offers many concurrent enrollment course opportunities for our high school students. All of these courses are taken in our high schools with current DCSD high school teaching staff members who are also certified by the community college or university crediting the course. Students who pass concurrent enrollment classes with a grade of C or better generate a college/university transcript with those courses.
Savings for Parents
Last year, DCSD parents saved approximately $3 million in college tuition. That is using the lowest priced credits - community college credits - to generate the total savings (the savings would be much higher if we used four-year college/university credit prices).
Credit Articulation
Colleges and universities have articulation agreements with one another, and DCSD students are encouraged to collaborate with counselors and admissions offices to see if various concurrent enrollment courses will transfer in part, or in full, to the college or university that they hope to attend.

Tuition, books and fees are all part of the college/university requirements with all of our partners.


All classes earn 3.0 college credits through Arapahoe Community College unless otherwise noted in ()

ACC 121 Accounting Principles I
BUS 115 Introduction to Business
BUS 116 Personal Finance
CIS 118 Intro to PC Applications
MAR 160 Customer Service
MAR 216 Principals of Marketing (odd years)
MAR 235 Consumer Behavior

CNG 124 Networking I: Network+
CNG 125 Networking II: Network+
CNG 142 Introduction to Cloud Computing
CNG 260 CISCO Network Associate I
CNG 261 CISCO Network Associate II
CNG 262 CISCO Network Associate III
CSC 119 Introduction to Programming

COM 115 Public Speaking
COM 125 Interpersonal Communications

CAD 255 Solidworks

ENG 121 English Composition I
ENG 122 English Composition II
LIT 115 Introduction to Literature

MAT 120 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MAT 121 College Algebra (4 credits)
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics
MAT 204 Calculus with Engineering Applications/Calculus III

HWE 100 Human Nutrition
HWE 111 Health and Fitness

MUS 120 Music Appreciation

HIS 121 US History to Reconstruction

SPA 111 Spanish Language l (equal to Spanish III, 5 pre-req credits)
SPA 112 Spanish Language ll (equal to Spanish III, 5 pre-req credits)
***pre-req credits do not automatically transfer unless you take a 200 level Spanish class at CVHS or in college.
SPA 211 Spanish Language III(3 credits)
SPA 212 Spanish Language IV( 3 credits)

*Courses are subject to Change


  • Courses taught by Douglas County teachers
  • Available to all Douglas County School District Students
  • Courses taught during regular school day hours
  • Earn dual credit (DCSD and Community College college credit)
  • College Credit accepted by all Colorado Community Colleges (Check with your specific Colorado College for credit transfer-ability of courses)
  • College tuition savings by providing college credit at no charge to the student


  • Students will purchase required textbook(s)
  • A minimal registration fee
  • Additional fees may apply to some courses and are subject to change
Sturm Collaboration Campus
Sturm Collaboration Campus (CC) is a partnership between Douglas County School District (DCSD), Arapahoe Community College (ACC), and Colorado State University (CSU). Students will be provided the opportunity to participate and engage in educational and career pathway programming during their junior and senior year of high school through CC. Concurrent Enrollment courses at CC will be provided by ACC and designated professors for students in the areas of Business, Health Sciences, and Information Technology. Students are required to meet with their High School Counselor to ensure that CC courses are available and do not conflict with their high school schedule.
Student Responsibilities:
  • Be on track to graduate.
  • Have written parent permission of course registration and CC Interest Form.
  • Be enrolled in Douglas County School District.
  • Provide own transportation to and from CC.
  • Maintain appropriate and professional level of behavior at all times.
  • Maintain consistent attendance at both CC and the home high school.
  • Must complete ACC registration deadlines.
  • May be responsible for course fees, to include but not limited to, textbook/workbook fees.
  • The School District will only pay for up to two classes a semester. The student/family is responsible for paying for any additional classes.
  • Students must take concurrent enrollment classes taught at their high school.
Students will need to indicate interest in these pathways via the interest form handed out with the registration sheets. Extras are available in counseling. Interest forms must be returned to counseling by January 23, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Collaboration Pathways Information FAQ's

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